Extra Profits

Extra Profits With heated Pods You can use the precious outdoor space even in winter. The examples below are based on average occupancy. Most hospitality venues have 5 to 9 time slots per day from breakfast through to dinner. There are several ways to make extra Profits with Dining Pods:

Suggestion 1
Setting a £40 Supplement Per Pod - with 5 booked time slots x 7 days a week your estimated extra profit is £5,600 per month and £67,200 per year. Many of our clients charge a higher surcharge and are fully booked in advance due to Pod Dining.

Suggestion 2
£300 Minimum Spend Per Pod – with 3 booked time slots x 6 days a week your extra revenue will be £25,200 per month and £302,400 per annum. A Minimum spend is often used in Pod dining. The minimum spend per pod varies from £250 to £500 for a one-time slot.

Suggestion 3
Additional £10 Price Per Person. With 5 booked time slots out of 9 with an average of 3 people per each slot x 7 days a week your Extra Profit is £4,200 per month and £50,400 per annum.

Suggestion 4
Set Menu - is another popular option for Outdoor Dining making similar profits as above, depending on occupancy.

Minimum spend works great in combination with a supplement per Pod or per Person, as well as a set menu. Increase the popularity by offering clients what works best for them. Either way, you'll be making those extra profits every day, shine or rain.

No Budget?…No Problem!
Affordable finance options are available from just £10 per day.

Revenue Streams Vs Finance Repayments
The figures below are based on a £40 supplement fee per Pod
with 5 time slots per day out of 9, filled 7 days a week.
Monthly Extra Revenue Stream £5,600 Vs Monthly Finance Repayment £366*
Annual Extra Revenue Stream £67,200 Vs Annual Finance Repayment £4,392* *

Repayments figures are based on The Stargazer Pod over a 3-year term, subject to eligibility.