High Profits Small Repayments

To help with cash flow and make sure you are in profit from the very start, an easy Finance Purchase option is now available when purchasing any of the OutdoorPods.  With Dining Pods you can start making great profits each week, with only small repayments from the new income towards the finance purchase.

Repayment plans start from as little as £10 per day.

● Low one-month deposit
● Split the payments throughout 2 years or more
● Small monthly payments
● Payments from £10 per day
● Payment plan exact figures to be confirmed on finance approval,
subject to eligibility

Just one booking a day at under half capacity would cover the cost of your finance payment as well as making additional profits. 


Here’s how…

A £10 surplus charge per person.

One booking a day of 3 people would bring in a revenue of £840 per month.

A 3-year term on finance is available from as little as £350 per month*. 

That’s an instant profit of £490 per month from 1 pod. 


These surplus charges can easily be increased and drastically boost your annual profits to £100,000 and upwards.


Don’t forget to reclaim VAT £1799.00! 

*subject to pod purchase price and credit score. This is based on a 4m Stargazer with no additional enhancement packages.