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 Outdoor living spaces are essential to everyday life. Many homes are accompanied by gorgeous lawns and spaces, but they aren’t really living spaces until they’re livable. Many people strive to have beautiful home interiors but forget about the importance of outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s a perfect spring morning, a miserably hot summer afternoon, or a freezing winter evening, spending time outside in a Prestige Pod can improve your life in many ways. 


A room with a view that can offer a little solitude from the world around you. Our robust Pods provide shelter from the elements and the opportunity to relax in style as you take a moment to savour your surroundings and be at one with nature.

What Are They Used For?

              Your Garden Office                      Homeschooling 

Outdoor Gym  

Outdoor Dining Room

Luxury Entertaining Space  

Kids Play Room

WorkShop Area  Your Sanctuary

The Benefits of a Pod in Your Home...

They have wellness benefits

They increase home value

Outdoor living spaces

add space to your home

Additional entertaining options

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