Thinking outside the box

Let's talk business...9 ways pods can increase your revenue stream...

With 60% - 80% of income stream coming from room sales for hotels and food and beverages the being the number one income stream for restaurants/ pubs, Prestige Pods are an all round solution to improve sales as well as providing an additional revenue stream


1.  Are you suffering from staff shortages?

Are you suffering from staff shortages?  Existing clients have been struggling with the nhs track and trace causing staff shortages and in turn delay in service resulting in frustrated and unhappy customers. They have found that our pods have reduced frustration in clients as they are more relaxed in a personal environment. They have found customers happier with their own choice of music via Bluetooth speakers, enjoying time with loved ones away from watching who is being served and other noise distractions due to being outside and they have benefitted from the contactless @experience from the barcode table ordering.

2.  Are you holding regular special events

Pods have been very successful in accommodating both personal events and expanding capacity on larger events outdoors.

3. Do you have a loyalty programme?

Many clients incorporate pods into their loyalty schemes to help gain and increase repeating guests.

4. How is your social media presence?

Our pods are extremely eye-catching and create great attraction for social media and website presence!

5 How are you making the most of your local community?

Clients find using their pods to support their local community and businesses hosting working lunches, business meetings, mother and baby meet-ups helps to bring in an alternative revenue stream along with gaining new custom whilst keeping them separate from their usual traveling clients that want to quietly relax.

6 Are you meeting seasonal requirements?

Seasonal and peak seasons can get extremely busy and cannot always accommodate. Pods are easily installed to expand your outdoor space to maximise revenue.

7 Are you getting enough repeat business?

Pods gain repeat business in several ways, such as VIP experiences, loyalty schemes, communal events, special events. It offers that something extra that most consumers are looking for at this time.

8 How successful is your e-mail remarketing?

Existing clients use images of pods to stand out above the competition or include them as exclusive offers within their e-mail marketing which improves the click to website traffic and ultimately results in more room sales!

9 Do you need to reduce their room prices in off-peak season or have they needed to look into it?

Clients have found themselves looking into this option, however, since purchasing our pods they have been able to use this as an alternative way to offer something extra during off-peak season and sustain their room pricing. For example, they have offered reduced rates or discounts on pod usage or included them as part of a package when booking the room.


Thinking outside the box

Let your imagination run wild. Here’s some idea’s how to get started with a Prestige Pod…

Dining under the stars

Mixology Class

Add a hot tub for a mini outdoor spa experience

Cheese and Wine Tasting

Dine with Santa

Minimum spend VIP Experiences

Price per person

Food Presentation Class with the Chef

Set Menu

Make it seasonal

Find out now how you can make £50-100k plus a year.. per pod!

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