A modern alternative to maximize those underused spaces, but are worthy of being a focal point at your school as they evoke excitement and wonder from the minute the children walk through the gates.

         Our pods are fully functional outdoor spaces that can provide heating, cooling, vinyl shade, lighting, electricity and flooring.


Overcome planning restrictions by purchasing a Prestige Pod, which can become a key part of your curriculum.


Benefits of pods in schools

  • A multi-purpose structure to enhance learning experiences and emotional wellbeing among the children.

  • Deliver a first-class outdoor space to pupils with diverse learning needs.

  • Practical, hands-on sessions, in which students can have a break from computer screens and the pressures of the curriculum.

  • Low threshold doors for wheelchair access mean that everyone can join in with the fun.

  • Outdoor experience for all ages with the protection of all elements all year round.


What are they being used for?

  • A Great breakaway area to provide protection from the elements.

  • Enriched and interactive classroom

  • Outdoor horticulture activities, incorporating subjects like Maths, Science and Art.

  • Mini beach environment

  • Arts and Crafts area

  • Horticultural area

  • Early years classroom


How to purchase your Prestige Pod?

Outright purchase

Finance purchase

Fundraising events

Government grants