The Stargazer

This new luxury Outdoor Dining Pod is chic and spacious with an open-plan interior. It easily accommodates up to 10 guests. The Stargazer will serve you as a VIP dining pod as well as a business meeting room or an intimate Wedding Celebration. DEMAND FOR OUTDOOR DINING PODS IS SKYROCKETING! The hospitality sector can easily make £50k -100k of yearly extra profits with pods. Please email us and we will send you a free step-by-step guide to easily achieve it.


Aside from its majestic appearance, The Stargazer boast of impressive features;

  • Sliding lockable doors to ensure maximum security.

  • Flame retardant.

  • Self-cleaning, a unique hydrophobic coating that reduces surface tension.

  • EDM rubber seals that are waterproof, moisture-proof, and leak-proof.

  • UV coated pressure and weather resistant. 

  • A grade non-corrosive Aluminium rust-free frame.

  • Built-in extractor fan.

  • Polycarbone Shell is 12 times stronger than toughened glass.

  • 3 Years Manufacturing warranty.


Heating, cooling, and lighting are available on request.

The Stargazer1.HEIC


Enjoy an amazing  Luxury entertaining area or an outdoor office/ study space.  Create a special place in your garden where you can concentrate and work from home. Enjoy your zen space surrounded by nature or entertain your family and guests. Make the most of a new luxurious outdoor space for many years to come.


This epic edition is our most versatile pod to date. Not only does it come in adaptable diameters of 3.2m, 3.6m, and 4m making it available for nearly every setting, it also has an incredible life span of 25+ years!